Thematic zones

A world of innovative discoveries

The horticultural sector is bustling. It is teeming with new markets, innovations and original products. Practices are changing, and businesses are transforming and reinventing themselves to develop new niches.

Carried by this dynamism, this year’s Expo will bring together actors of change from different backgrounds. Through 5 thematic zones, they will present their solutions for the future: avant-garde products, services that revolutionize the way things are done, niches to develop and more.

The thematic zones of the Expo represent true showcases of the most innovative aspects of this industry!

High-level complementary schedule

In addition to visiting the exhibition booths and thematic zones, you can attend a host of free sessions on the Expo floor. Over three days, you will have the opportunity to take the pulse of the market and discover what tomorrow holds to better prepare yourself!

L'Expo Québec Vert met le cap sur l'arvenir

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