Activity HortiCompétences


  • Thursday november 19 from 13:00 to 15:00 (Mixte)


1:00 pm – Current Human Resources Issues

Team HortiCompétences

Presentation of key current issues and files and a unique opportunity to keep you informed of industry news and changes that could affect your HR practices.

1:30 pm – Presentation of the HortiCompétences Award

Two companies that have distinguished themselves by the quality and originality of their human resources management practices will be awarded a prize worth $2,500!

1:45 pm – Break

2 pm – Yes, it is possible to free oneself from stress in a context of great change.

Marie-France Marin, Ph.D.

In these times of a pandemic, it is normal and even necessary to live through stressful episodes in order to better adapt to the situation. This is a normal physiological response to an abnormal situation. Different behaviours may be observed and returning to work may cause fear in some people. But how can we quickly recognize stress indicators in order to take action to prevent the development of a more serious condition? This is what you will discover, in addition to the best ways to de-stress in a sustainable way!

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