Hardscape efficiency bootcamp

By: Frank Bourque, Consultant, speaker and ICPI and NCMA instructor


  • Thursday november 19 from 09:00 to 11:00 (Préenregistré)


A “masterclass” type workshop that will combine presentations and practical exercises for the development of a business plan adapted to landscaping companies. Participants will be led to explore their main departments in order to identify changes to be made.

MARKETING – COMMERCIALIZATION Find out how to achieve a consistent flow of incoming prospects to your company.

ADMINISTRATION Optimize this essential department that handles everything from customer service to job planning, finance and human resources management.

PRODUCTION Identify the level of efficiency of all aspects of this department (facilities, technicians, vehicles, equipment, inventory and supplies, etc.) to save time and money.

SALES Improve your processes to convert incoming leads into paying customers and to increase each sale!

Thanks to this practical workshop, you will discover how to optimize your internal processes. More than 40 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be explored to help you make informed decisions.

Since everything that can be measured can improve, this will be an opportunity to evaluate your company’s performance and anticipate its needs!

Free activity

APPQ, Judith Leblond Tel: 1 888 872-9724


Activity reserved for companies specializing in landscaping, registration is required.

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