Lawns: A look back at 2020 in Quebec

By: Multiple speakers (see description)


  • Friday november 20 from 10:15 to 11:00 (En direct)


  • Philippe Caissie, Owner, Weed Man
  • Marie-Claude Darveau, agr., Agricultural director, Richer Group
  • Guillaume Grégoire, Ph.D., agr. Assistant professor, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences – Dept. of Phytology, Université Laval
  • Marc Laganière, M.Sc. agronomist, Technical and scientific analyst, Québec Vert
  • David Rodier, General manager, Rodier Landscapes

2020 proved to be extraordinary not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the extremely hot conditions in early spring, followed by several exceptional weeks of very low rainfall. The growth and health of lawn was put to the test. As key players, turf growers, landscapers and green space maintenance professionals will share what they have experienced and observed in the field over the past few months. This event is also an opportunity to discuss the practices to be improved upon and the knowledge to be developed that will optimize the benefits of sustainable lawns on the environment and the health of citizens.

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