Par: Katie Dubow, global trendspotter, president, Garden Media Group


  • Jeudi 02 novembre de 14:15 à 15:00 (Virtuel en direct)


*Conférence présentée en anglais*

Why should you care about trends? It’s simple. Trends drive consumers and consumers drive sales. The Expo Québec Vert is the place to learn about new trends, stay relevant and grow your business.

Join Katie Dubow in this informative session. She will outline the seven 2024 Garden Trends, including the color of the year, and offer tips on how to apply each trend to your own business.

Garden trends are more important than ever to guide us in uncertain times and give us hope. When you’re ahead of the curve, your company becomes a trendsetter and you become the go to place for what’s new – whether you are a breeder, grower or retailer.

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