Privacy Policy


Expo Québec Vert wishes to respect its client’s private life. However, it is possible that cookies may be recorded on your computer while navigating the site. This sate can be used for statistical purposes, but will remain confidential and will never be sold or transferred to a third party.

Personal Data
The users of Expo Québec Vert can provide personal information. For example, by sending an email that identifies them or by sending personal information to a member of the Expo Québec Vert team. These communications are subject to the same policy as other exchanges, meaning they will be considered private and confidential. The personal data of the user in question will not be revealed unless this was specifically requested.

If you have question in regards to this user’s guide and condition, please write to us via our page Contact us.

Cookies Usage
Our cookies usage policy applies to all websites, all commercial pages on third party platforms (like Facebook and Youtube) and all application that the user accesses in these website of third party platforms [<sites of Expo Québec Vert>] that are exploited by Expo Québec Vert or in their name.

By using the sites of Expo Québec Vert, the user accepts the usage of cookies abiding the present policies in regards to cookies. If the user refuses the use of cookies, they must specify so in their settings or avoid visiting the site of Expo Québec Vert all together. If the user deactivates cookies, this could have consequences on the user experience while browsing the site of Expo Québec Vert.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a file where information is saved to the computer, smartphone, or tablet of a user while visiting the website of Expo Québec Vert. A cookie will carry the name of the website it is coming from, it’s “durability” is a value that is normally a numeric key uniquely and randomly created.

Why do we use cookies?
Cookies are used to facilitate the navigation of Expo Québec Vert website and to adapt to the needs and interests of the users. Cookies can also be used to obtain anonymous and global statistics that allow Expo Québec Vert to understand the ways their users use their sites and improve its structures and content. This information does not allow users to be identified.